Speaking part: variant 38 - Langart

Task 1

Imagine that you are preparing a project with your friend. You have found some interesting material for the presentation and you want to read this text to your friend. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, then be ready to read it out aloud. You will not have more than 1.5 minutes to read it.

Unlike Christmas, Easter isn’t on the same date each year. It takes place on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Schoolchildren and students in the UK have about a two-week holiday at Easter time, which is almost as long as the Christmas holiday. It’s also the first public holiday after Christmas and everyone looks forward to their Easter break as a moment to relax, have a short holiday or visit family and friends.

For most British children, Easter means chocolate Easter eggs. The shops are full of bright Easter displays decorated with chicks, rabbits and flowers, all with the objective of selling chocolate eggs in huge numbers. And it works! 90 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK each year and each child receives on average eight chocolate eggs. However, the eggs are sold in cardboard boxes and sometimes there’s more packaging than chocolate! 

Task 2

Study the advertisement.


You are considering visiting the exhibition and now you’d like to get more information. In 1.5 minutes you are to ask four direct questions to find out about the following:

  1. age requirement
  2. ticket options
  3. selfie sticks and tripods permitted
  4. exhibition booklet

You have 20 seconds to ask each question.

Task 3

You are going to give an interview. You have to answer five questions. Give full answers to the questions (2–3 sentences). Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Tapescript for Task 3

Interviewer: Hello everybody! It’s Teenagers Round the World Channel. Our guest today is a teenager from Russia and we are going to discuss fashion. We’d like to know our guest’s point of view on this issue. Please answer five questions. So, let’s get started.

Interviewer: Are you a fashion-conscious teenager? If so, what influences your fashion decisions the most: celebrities, social media, friends, or something else?

Student: _________________________

Interviewer: When it comes to clothing choices, do you prioritise fashion or comfort? Could you explain the reasons behind your preference?

Student: _________________________

Interviewer: Do you believe that fashion can be a form of self-expression and a way to communicate? Does the way you dress show your personality?

Student: _________________________

Interviewer: Do you think social media platforms have a significant influence on youth fashion trends? Could you explain why you think that way?

Student: _________________________

Interviewer: Is smart clothing the future of fashion? Why or why not?

Student: _________________________

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your interview.

Task 4

Imagine that you and your friend are doing a school project “Pets for busy families”. You have found some photos to illustrate it but for technical reasons you cannot send them now. Leave a voice message to your friend explaining your choice of the photos and sharing some ideas about the project. In 2.5 minutes be ready to:

  • explain the choice of the illustrations for the project by briefly describing them and noting the differences;
  • mention the advantages (1–2) of the two types of pets;
  • mention the disadvantages (1–2) of the two types of pets;
  • express your opinion on the subject of the project – what pet you have or would like to have and why.

You will speak for not more than 3 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.