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Task 1

Imagine that you are preparing a project with your friend. You have found some interesting material for the presentation and you want to read this text to your friend. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, then be ready to read it out aloud. You will not have more than 1.5 minutes to read it.

Our planet is an amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive! That’s why each year on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet from things like pollution and deforestation. By taking part in activities like picking up litter and planting trees, we’re making our world a happier, healthier place to live.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, when a United States senator from Wisconsin organized a national demonstration to raise awareness about environmental issues. Rallies took place across the country and, by the end of the year, the U.S. government had created the Environmental Protection Agency. By 1990, Earth Day was an event celebrated by more than 140 countries around the globe.

Task 2

Study the advertisement.

Dwindling resources.
Time is running out on Earth.
Terraform Mars and save the human race!

You are going to buy this game and now you’d like to get more information. In 1.5 minutes you are to ask four direct questions to find out about the following:

  1. genre
  2. minimum age recommendation
  3. number of players
  4. if it works well as a solo game

You have 20 seconds to ask each question.

Suggested answers

1. What genre does the game belong to?
2. What is the minimum age recommendation for the game?
3. How many players can play the game at once?
4. Does the game work well when played solo?

Task 3

You are going to give an interview. You have to answer five questions. Give full answers to the questions (2–3 sentences). Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Tapescript for Task 3

Suggested answers

Interviewer: Hello everybody! It’s Teenagers Round the World Channel. Our guest today is a teenager from Russia and we are going to discuss public holidays. We’d like to know our guest’s point of view on this issue. Please answer five questions. So, let’s get started.

Interviewer: What is your favourite public holiday and why?

: My favourite public holiday is New Year’ Day because I enjoy the festive atmosphere that surrounds this holiday. There are often fireworks displays and parties, which are a lot of fun to be a part of.

Interviewer: What public holidays do people celebrate in Russia?

: In Russia, we celebrate many public holidays such as New Year’s Day, International Women’s Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Spring and Labour Day, Victory Day, Russia Day, and Unity Day. Each holiday has its own unique traditions and significance.

Interviewer: How do you typically celebrate public holidays?

: I usually celebrate public holidays with my family. We usually have a big meal together, exchange gifts (if it’s a gift-giving holiday), and spend time doing some fun activities. Sometimes we also attend local events or festivals.

Interviewer: Why do you think public holidays are important?

: I think public holidays are important because they allow us to take a break from our daily routine and spend time with our loved ones. They also let us celebrate our culture and history, and honour the achievements and sacrifices of our ancestors.

Interviewer: What benefits do public holidays have?

: Public holidays provide many benefits, including promoting national unity and pride, reducing stress, and improving mental health. They also give us a chance to connect with our community and to create lasting memories with our friends and family.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your interview.

Task 4

Imagine that you and your friend are doing a school project “Adventure sports”. You have found some photos to illustrate it but for technical reasons you cannot send them now. Leave a voice message to your friend explaining your choice of the photos and sharing some ideas about the project. In 2.5 minutes be ready to:

  • explain the choice of the illustrations for the project by briefly describing them and noting the differences;
  • mention the advantages (1–2) of the two adventure sports;
  • mention the disadvantages (1–2) of the two adventure sports;
  • express your opinion on the subject of the project – which of the adventure sports presented in the pictures you’d prefer and why.

You will speak for not more than 3 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.

Suggested answer

Hi Alex! I’ve found two photos to illustrate our school project on adventure sports. I’d like to tell you more about them.

So, in one of the photos, there’s a man riding a bicycle, navigating a challenging path in a mountainous area. The scenery is absolutely mind-blowing. The other photo shows a young man skiing down a snow-covered mountain on a bright sunny day. He’s fully geared up for skiing. The photos make an excellent choice for our project because they illustrate two different adventure sports, each with their unique experiences and challenges depending on the season. Mountain biking is typically enjoyed during the warmer seasons, while mountain skiing is all about the winter vibes.

Both extreme sports come with their unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them in our project to improve its appeal. For example, with mountain biking, one of the benefits is the opportunity to challenge yourself physically. But, the risk of injuries can be a drawback, especially if you’re not careful or don’t have the right protective gear.

As for mountain skiing, it gives you the thrill of gliding down slopes, and experiencing the freedom of movement. Yet, this sport can be pricey when it comes to equipment and access to ski resorts. It’s definitely something to consider.

Well, if I had to choose between the two, I’d personally prefer mountain skiing. I love the adrenaline rush it brings.

(Personally, I’d prefer mountain biking since it offers a kind of adventure and connection with nature. Plus, it runs in my family!)

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Let’s meet up soon and dive deeper into our project. Talk to you later!