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Task 1

Imagine that you are preparing a project with your friend. You have found some interesting material for the presentation and you want to read this text to your friend. You have 1.5 minutes to read the text silently, then be ready to read it out aloud. You will not have more than 1.5 minutes to read it.

«Phubbing» is a term created to describe people with the habit of constantly using their smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices no matter where they are. Wherever they go and whether they are alone or hanging out with friends, the smartphone addicts always keep their heads down looking at their electronic devices.

Chatting with people, watching videos, playing games, browsing websites… they do all this stuff through social networks or instant messaging but hardly communicate with people face-to-face. They spend most of their time with their eyes glued on the screens of the electronic devices in their hands, which results in a peculiar addiction phenomenon and can severely disrupt their present-moment, in-person relationships.

Task 2

Study the advertisement.

You are considering bringing your pet to a veterinarian for a wellness exam and now you’d like to get more information. In 1.5 minutes you are to ask four direct questions to find out about the following:

  1. how much it costs
  2. tests done during a pet wellness exam
  3. dental cleaning
  4. discounts for new clients

You have 20 seconds to ask each question.

Suggested answers

1. How much does a pet wellness exam cost in your vet clinic?
2. What tests are done during a pet wellness exam?
3. Is dental cleaning included (or is it an additional service)?
4. Are there any discounts for new clients?

Task 3

You are going to give an interview. You have to answer five questions. Give full answers to the questions (2–3 sentences). Remember that you have 40 seconds to answer each question.

Tapescript for Task 3

Suggested answers

Interviewer: Hello everybody! It’s Teenagers Round the World Channel. Our guest today is a teenager from Russia and we are going to discuss environmental awareness. We’d like to know our guest’s point of view on this issue. Please answer five questions in 2-3 sentences. So, let’s get started.

Interviewer: How eco-friendly are you?

Student: Personally, I try to be as eco-friendly as possible by doing small things in my daily life. For example, I try to reduce waste by using reusable bags and containers. I also turn off lights and electronics to save energy when not using them.

Interviewer: What are the most serious environmental problems in your region?

Student: I think the most serious environmental problems in my region are pollution and deforestation. The air and water are not clean because of factories, and deforestation is causing problems for animals and plants.

Interviewer: What is Russia doing to protect the environment?

Student: As far as I know, the Russian government has some environmental laws and policies to control pollution from industries. The government is also taking steps to preserve the environment by creating national parks to protect endangered species.

Interviewer: What ways to raise environmental awareness do you find effective?

Student: In my opinion, teaching others about the environment through community clean-up events is an effective method to raise awareness. Sharing information on social media and watching videos about the environment can also help people understand the importance of taking action.

Interviewer: What will our planet look like in 10 years?

Student: My opinion is that if we don’t act now, the environment will be greatly impacted in 10 years’ time. Climate change will cause more natural disasters and we will lose more animals.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for your interview.

Task 4

Imagine that you and your friend are doing a school project “Modes of education”. You have found some photos to illustrate it but for technical reasons you cannot send them now. Leave a voice message to your friend explaining your choice of the photos and sharing some ideas about the project. In 2.5 minutes be ready to:

  • explain the choice of the illustrations for the project by briefly describing them and noting the differences;
  • mention the advantages (1–2) of the two modes of education;
  • mention the disadvantages (1–2) of the two modes of education;
  • express your opinion on the subject of the project – which mode of education presented in the pictures you prefer and why.

You will speak for not more than 3 minutes (12–15 sentences). You have to talk continuously.

Suggested answer

Из методических материалов для председателей и членов предметных комиссий субъектов Российской Федерации по проверке выполнения заданий с развёрнутым ответом экзаменационных работ ЕГЭ 2023 года (раздел «Говорение»): «Обращаем внимание экспертов на то, что план задания 4 в 2023 г. несколько изменился, хотя его суть и требования к его выполнению остались теми же. В 2023 г. первые два пункта плана (описание фото и различия, связанные с темой проекта) были объединены и стали единым пунктом, а пункт 3 (преимущества и недостатки) был поделён на два отдельных пункта. Однако если участник объединяет в одном пункте преимущества и недостатки, например, говоря: «Электронная книга – лёгкая, но быстро разряжается. Бумажная книга приятна на ощупь, но занимает много места», то это не будет считаться отступлением от плана и причиной снижать балл по критерию «Организация текста». Важно, чтобы были отражены преимущества и недостатки двух сравниваемых объектов/ситуаций». (стр. 33-34)

В данном варианте решения преимущества и недостатки объединены.

Hi Alex. I’ve found two photos to illustrate our project on modes of education. I’m using this voice message to explain my photo choices and throw in some ideas.

The first one shows a boy in front of a laptop screen. He’s clearly participating in an online lesson, with a teacher visible on the screen guiding him through the material. The second photo illustrates a traditional in-person classroom setting, with many children and a teacher actively engaging with them. The photos perfectly depict two different methods of learning – through the internet and in a traditional classroom.

Both forms of education have their benefits and drawbacks, which I suggest discussing in our project. For example, online education provides the convenience of learning at your own pace and the flexibility to balance other responsibilities. However, it may present difficulties with technology and internet access, and there may be limited opportunities for students to actively engage in practical learning activities.

On the other hand, in-person education provides direct interaction with teachers and classmates, but can be stressful, with big classes and less personal attention.

Personally, I think online education is a great option for me – I prefer to study online. Being able to study from the comfort of my own home is really convenient. Besides, it suits my learning style.

What do you think about using these photos for our project? Let me know if you have any other ideas. Bye!