Writing task 37: variant 11 - Langart

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You have received an email message from your English-speaking pen-friend James:

From: James@mail.uk

To: Russian_friend@ege.ru

Subject: the internet

…I think I’ve become addicted to the internet. I’m always hopping online for homework, stress relief, or just to kill time. It’s like a black hole that sucks me in! How often are you online? What do you do online? Does the internet make your life better or worse?
…We’ve got a new French teacher… 

Write an email to James.

In your message:

− answer his questions;

− ask 3 questions about his French teacher.

Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of email writing.

Suggested answer

Hi James,

Thanks for your message. I was very glad to hear from you.

I’ll willingly answer your questions. I’m hooked on the Net too! Can’t go a day without it! I use it to stay in touch with my friends and check out some cool stuff. I think I’ve got mixed feelings about the internet. It’s super helpful and makes my life better, but other times it’s too much, and I waste a lot of time.

Okay, enough about me – tell me about your new French teacher. Is he/she cool and fun? How’s this one different from your last teacher? How helpful is he/she?

That’s it for now. Write back soon.

Best wishes,