Writing task 37: variant 10 - Langart

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You have received an email message from your English-speaking pen-friend Mia:

From: Mia@mail.uk

To: Russian_friend@ege.ru

Subject: environmental problems

…I had an amazing summer in the countryside! Rural living seems to have benefits. I can really tell the difference in the air quality. What environmental problems are the most pressing ones in Russia? Do you participate in community clean-ups? Are you eco-friendly?
…We’re thinking of having one more pet

Write an email to Mia.
In your message:
− answer her questions;
− ask 3 questions about her new pet.
Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of email writing.

Suggested answer

Hi Mia,

Thanks for your email and sharing your summer adventures! Clean air and countryside vibes? Sounds like the perfect recipe for an awesome time!

Now, let’s get to your questions! In Russia, the most pressing environmental problems are air pollution, deforestation, and waste management. On a personal level, I’m all about community clean-ups, and whenever there’s a chance to participate in these events, I’m all in! It feels great to make a positive impact on our local parks, beaches and other public spaces. As for being eco-friendly, count me in! I do my best to make eco-friendly choices in my daily life, like recycling and saving energy and water.

I’m curious about the new pet you want to have. What kind of pet has caught your interest? Will it fit into your busy life? Have you decided on a specific breed?

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,