Writing task 37: variant 23 - Langart

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You have received an email message from your English-speaking pen-friend Margaret:

From: Margaret@mail.uk

To: Russian_friend@ege.ru

Subject: e-learning

I’m doing a school project on e-learning. What’s your attitude to online learning? Do you prefer classes online or in a traditional classroom? Why? Do you think e-learning can be effective for all subjects?
…My aunt has taken up a hobby. It’s pretty awesome!

Write an email to Margaret.

In your message:

− answer her questions;

− ask 3 questions about her aunt’s hobby.

Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of email writing.

Suggested answer

Hi Margaret!

Thanks for your email. Great to hear from you.

I’ll willingly answer your questions. I think learning something online is pretty cool, and convenience is a huge advantage! Personally, I prefer classes online because I can study from the comfort of my home. I doubt that every subject can be effectively taught online, especially those that require hands-on activities like lab experiments or art classes.

I wish I knew more about your aunt’s hobby. What exactly is it? Is it something creative or more practical? Is it something she’s always wanted to try, or a recent discovery?

That’s all for now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,