Writing task 37: variant 26 - Langart

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You have received an email message from your English-speaking pen-friend Charlie:

From: Charlie@mail.uk

To: Russian_friend@ege.ru

Subject: online friendships

Most of us have online connections of some kind. Making friends online is no exception. How many online friends have you got? Are they as valuable as those in real life? Some people think online friendships are bad. What do you think makes them feel that way?  
…By the way, I joined two online groups yesterday

Write an email to Charlie.

In your message:

− answer his questions;

− ask 3 questions about the online groups.

Write 100–140 words.

Remember the rules of email writing.

Suggested answer

Hi Charlie!

Thanks for your message. Great to hear from you.

I’ll willingly answer your questions. As for online friends, I’ve got a few close ones I’ve known for years. They mean as much to me as my real-life ones. True friendship knows no distance! I guess some people might think online friendships are bad because of some risks involved.

I’m curious about the online groups you joined. Are they hobby-based communities? How big are they? What cool stuff do you do or talk about there?

That’s all for now. Write back soon.

Best wishes,